Girls in a Tesla Electric Car

Ok, it is not a Tesla, and it may even not be an electric car. But this is the kinds of images we should see from manufacturers of EVs. It is clean healthy pure fun. In fact, the Tesla comes with this song (free music streaming) so totally imaginary this isn’t. Let’s hope the company that makes the fastest and longest range EV and is about to turn electricity storage on its head does just that!

Wait! Below some women in an Actual Tesla! 

No Diesel Stickers

Update : France wants to phase out diesel fuel 

Diesel trucks are awfull sources of soot,  noise, NOx. They should be replaced by electric versions ASAP, and they can because their speed is low, their weight can be high (carrying batteries) so charging every now and then is really no problem. It would be cheaper, cleaner, more sustainable. Diesel cars are a problem as well, they pollute our environment more seriously even though in some countries soot filters are mandatory. Even ‘clean’ they waste more energy, emit more, while electric cars, even when they are powered from fossil fuel power plants, are much more efficient. We should get rid of any vehicle using heavy fuels, or allow them to replace them with NH3, ammonia, which burns without CO2 emissions and lower NOx emissions! 

You can order 5 stickers like the one above for 10,- by sending an email to By buying them you support our pormotion activities. Stick them where you want drivers to know you don’t appreciate their exhaust dumped in your street. We’ll have more on offer soon! ;-)

What is true for Equador, is true for the world

In Peru new laws now exempt police working for mining companies from persecution if they shoot protesters. In other middle and south american countries activist are killed on a regular basis. The lack of benefit to locals shows oil and mining are invasive criminal enterprises, executed by force against the will of locals. If a government doesn’t want to cooperate it is replaced. This won’t stop until either voters make a real choice for politicians that reduce arms sales and promote renewables, or demand for fossil fuel collapses due to sufficient renewables on offer. Both require us to make people aware of the problem, pinpoint it to fossil fuel and mining companies, pressure politicians about it and not forget to promote the solutions. Economics won’t stop unitl there is nothing left. It deals with the exploitation of what is there using the power of fossil fuels. Do you think it will stop when it threatens to affect you? Only if you own the industry you could be sure of that.

The Battle of Light against Darkness..

You may not realized it but humanity is fighting darkness. The darkness of oil, coal and gas. It comes from the dark places of the Earth, the rotten putrified places where things have been dead for millions of years. But not only humanity is fighting it, but also the light of the Sun. We are witnessing an epic battle that is slowly starting to unfold under our eyes, mediated by us passengers on this planet. It sounds metaphysical but in fact is simply reality.

The lord of darkness, the devil, always depicted as burning, sulferous, putrid underground.. a coincidence? 

The way in which the Sun is starting to fight its own battle for supremacy is through it becoming an economic factor. Until recently it wasn’t really one, because economics, the banking system of credit expansion only viable because of the ample supply of oil, suppressed it. You can produce stuff with oil, not with money alone if there is no oil. Banks controlled credit and so controlled where wealth was created. Credits function is to allocate oil/coal/gas to the producers of our wealth, and because of this monopoly the use of other sources of energy have been stifled for decades. The main reason is that fossil fuel is distributed from a central controllable source, while renewables like solar are owned and controlled by many. The darkness had a grip on our economic system and because it gave power only to banks. Until now.

Tesla’s New Gigafactory Uses Sunlight to cut cost and be economically viable. The Sun forces itself into the equation on its own. 

Now we are starting to see projects that are only economically viable if they use renewable energy sources, like solar energy. We see a world economy slowly shifting form leaning only on the power of darkness to one starting to lean on both light and darkness. And this allows the battle to commence, because the light is a gift from the gods, while the darkness has to be pried from armed thugs, or fraudulent bankers, nuclear states and may be unavailable entirely. Even though the darkness is still in plentyfull supply, the battle it wages can now be lost for the first time in human history.

The light is always depicted as in the sky, white, bright, flying, angelical, god like… 

Because it is an economic reality that you can produce cheaper with solar than with fossil fuels, if you know you will produce for more than a certain number of years, if you use electricity etc. it is out of the hands of people how this battle is fought. It is a battle between light and darkness, one of physical laws, and every day the side of the light gains allies. Batteries make light a more viable source of productivity, electrification of logistics makes light a more viable driver of transportation. And all this happens not because people want it to, but because key inventions turn the availability of light in to an opportunity to increase wealth. 

If a solar panel eventually makes electricity free, the Sun will eventually make our lives without cost or burden except the ones we choose..  

It is the wind that drives the wind turbine, not the turbine itself, not the people that build it or own it. A wind turbine doesn’t push out fossil fuels, the wind itself does. And the wind blows because of the Sun. Humans saw an opportunity to use wind as an ally to gain wealth, and the wind being a physical phenomenon caused by differences in air pressure did not complain. It was there all along and we ignored it because the power of darkness discouraged us, because it lobbied for heavy turbines, because it discredited the viability, because it bankrupted companies that build small turbines, all because fossil fuel could be allocated through money to bring wealth to anyone anywhere. Fundamentally the power of darkness was the driver, not the humans, in this political process..    

We only have to help light be more important economically, by making people aware of the choice for solar, the opportunities for using renewables in every part of our life, and we will step by step turn the Sun into our ally instead of our enemy (in drought stricken areas, dry due to fossil fuel use). The battle will not be fought by people, it will be fought by the power of the sun, against the power of fossil fuels. 

Euforists strike!

If a person that brings terror is a terrorist, a person that brings euforia is a Euforist. We plan to be just this, Euforists, people that bring the message of the joy and wealth of the renewable powered clean and healthy (and living) future. Why can’t it be all good if we want to? What monopoly on suffering do the (pro fossil fuel) pessimists have, other than that they have been a consistent cause of it and their pessimism has prevented people from complaining about it.

Spain is under the control of the gas suppliers, who have the strongest lobby..

We just returned from the trip to Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Brussels (was on the way) and everywhere we found climatebabes willing to add their smile to the messages. Except from some dodgy bearded men in the subway we saw no terrorists, so Euforists are in the majority! It is time we start winning for real. How? By being more clear about what we want. It’s a basic goal setting exercise. Renewables can power the world, and will eventually. When is entirely up to you. Push the agenda until pro fossil fuel idiots leave the room with a headache.

In 2013 there was a proposal to Idle solar power plants to make Gas power more competitive

We saw some solar panels in Spain, but if you compare it to Belgium, where when you take the train you can not count to 20 between seeing solar panels on some roof, the number is very poor. Spain should be no roofs, only solar panels. It would mean jobs and cheap production of what is made in Spain, so a cheaper life for its people. Solar for heat and geothermal would also add greatly to Spains gas independence. The Iberian peninsula has all it needs to take care of itself and never pay anyone for anything it needs ever again.




Today we travel from Barcelona to Madrid, to see the city and its culture. TIme to read up on Spains energy policies in the german fast train.